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  3. thanks for this updated price guide.
  4. i love all ❤️


  5. dark bow is 1m+ 🤣
  6. BCP -20-30m Tassy -30-40m bandos boots -1-1.5m BGS -35-45m Armadyl helm -10-15m Armadyl chest -30 -40m Armadyl chainskirt -30-40m ACB -35m AGS 70-100m SGS 70-100m ZGS 30-40m Zammy spear 20m Staff of the Dead 25-30m toxic staff of the dead 50m-TBT Dragon full 30-50m Dragon chain 3m Dragon platelegs 2m Dragon boots 2.5m Black mask 5-10m Whip 10m Dark bow 1m SS 10-15m Abyssal Dagger 35m Abyssal bludgeon 100-120m DFS 35-40m Inf hat 5m Inf top 5m Inf bottoms 5m Inf gloves 1-5m Inf boot's 10-15m Ranger boot's 30-40m Prim boot's 50m+ Peg boot's 50-55m+ Eternal boot's 45m+ Fury 5-10m Amulet of Anguish 40-50m Amulet of Torture 50m+ Ring of suffering 50m+ Tormented bracelet 40m B ring 10m Archers ring 10m Seer's ring 10m Warriors ring 5m Ring of the god's 30m Tyrannical ring 20-30m Treasonous ring 20-30m Avernic defender 70m-TBT Spirit sheild's -TBT Partyhat's TBT H'ween's TBT Bunny ear's TBT Sled TBT Sperp helm 50m Trident 30m Tent 25m Blowpipe 50m Dragon claws 100m Dragon war hammer 50-60m Twisted bow 500m+ Dragon hunter crossbow 30m 3a Axe 200m+ 3a pick 200m+ 3a helm 50-60m 3a plate 100m+ 3a Platelegs 100m+ 3a kite 80m 3a mage hat 40m+ 3a mage top 120m+ 3a mage bottom 80m+ 3a Amulet 50m+ 3a Range Coif 35m 3a Range Top 80m 3a Range Legs 50m+ 3a vam 10m+ Guthan's part's 5m-10m each DH part's 5-10m each Torag part's 1m Verc part's 2.5m each Karil's coif 500k Karil's Cbow 1m Karils top 5m Karil's skirt 5m Ahrim's Hood 2.5m Ahrim's Top 10m+ Ahrim's Bottom 10m+ Ahrim's staff 500k bolt rack's 100gp each
  7. Event has been postponed until more players get on.
  8. This weekend we will be having a skilling event event for those of you that have stuck around with us. Time: Saturday 0900 (UTC+9) which depending on where you live (US) that'll be around 4PM on Friday or earlier or later (depending on your timezone) Rewards: TBD but we all know it'll be something useful 😉 the thread will be updated with the requirements on the day of the event, so keep an eye out in game Yell chat, and on forums 😉
  9. Welcome to Degenerates of Tekton Clan Areas: PVM Raids Skilling PVP Community Helpful CC Player Types: Normal Ironman Hardcore Ironman Ultimate Ironman RULES: 1 - No offensive language: Do not cause offense or disruption to others. 2 - No spamming: Do not disrupt the continuity of a conversation. 3 - No macroing: Do not use third-party software to automate your gameplay or text. 4 - No deception: Do not trick, lure or otherwise deceive players. 5 - No advertising of harmful, indecent, mature or competing addresses. 6 - No Pking other Clan Members. 7 - No Politics, Religion, Racism, or hate speech. These topics are known to cause arguments and drama. If you are asked to change topic to stop a disagreement or potential drama situation you must do so. 8 - Be respectful to all members in / out of the clan. Members must portray a positive reflection of the clan and themselves in the community. 9 - If an item is lent to you, you MUST give it back when asked for or action will be taken. 10 - No toxicity / flame / flame-bait (or anything that could be considered toxic by snowflakes) over in-game yell or in-game chat. Clan Requirements: - THERE ARE NONE AT THE MOMENT. Ranks: Ranks will be given out to those who prove their loyalty to the clan. Initial recruits will be placed on a probationary period that will last around a week. The first rank will be given to those who are active in the clan, and in game. After the first rank, ranks will be given based on activity. This includes, attending clan events, being active in the clan chat, assisting clan members or other players, etc. Higher Up ranks will be give to players who are voted in by other higher ups. Application: To apply, reply to this post with the following format: Account Name: Account Type: Time-zone: Playtime: (Please post or link a screenshot of in-game playtime) Game Stats: (Please post or link a screenshot of your stats) PVM Gear: (Please post or link a screenshot of your best in slot PVM gear) Are you in any other clans? (If so, which one?) Reason for joining: Recruited by: Current DoT Higher-ups: Founder: Veruc Owner: Veruc Overseer: General: Captain: Lieutenant: Clan Event Manager: Clan Recruiter:
  10. dragon hatchet doesn't have spec, which means i'd assume d harpoon does not either.
  11. unfortunately I don't get summers off lol.. but its not terrible yet.
  12. thanks walk for the advertisement 🙂 make sure to come back again soon for new updates!
  13. Veruc


    Welcome to the server 🙂
  14. Hello everyone! We wanted to introduce a rank that already existed, but the requirements for which have been altered. We want to encourage you all to enjoy your time here at Tekton, and we welcome you to document that time and share it with everyone else! As such, we wanted to offer the "YouTuber" rank for dedicated players and/or video makers who support Tekton. Those with this rank will have access to exclusive privileges, such as seeing new and upcoming content early as a way to add content to their videos, and may receive special items from staff as an incentive to do videos/have items to host giveaways and events for your videos. The requirements are as follows: Minimum 500 Subscribers (must link to your channel with sufficient proof that you are the owner) Have created at least two (2) Tekton Videos And its as easy as that! So thank you to those who have already created videos, and if you haven't already, get recording! 😉
  15. Tekton


    Welcome to the server man look forward to seeing ya around 😄
  16. Hello Tektonites! It's been a bit since out last update, but we appreciate your patience! We've made several improvements in this update and have worked away at a lot of the bugs that are on our list, more to come! Expect the new Donator Zone, Clue Scroll fixes, and some more bug fixes around the corner! Check out everything that rolled out with our update the other day: Fixed Granite Maul attack style experience Fixed some Toxic Blowpipe messages Fixed an issue where a players character would become stuck on the Seers Village Rooftap Agil. course Fixed an issue where Kreearra would not count toward an Aviansie slayer task Fixed an issue where players could not pass through a gate for a clue Fixed Seers Village door for a clue scroll Added Seers Village to Cities teleport Added global messages for voting & donating Added bracelet mould to Nurmofs shop Added Ancient Staff to magic shop for 500k gp Added the Tekton Icon to the client window Added Bracelet of Ethereum to Revenant drop tables Made it so Cave Kraken can now be attacked, and requires 87 slayer to access Made it so players can capitalize letters in ::yell Made Zulrah drop rates more reasonable Made it so the Dwarf Cannon box set can be opened Made it so Elf Warriors should now be able to hit Removed the second Pest Control shop that had cheaper Void Removed the door to the spinning wheel building in Seers Village Allow players to use magic/autocast while equipping a bow with no arrows You can no longer attack slayer monsters without the required Slayer level Improved dropping dark totem pieces Improved the display of playtime Tekton Management
  17. Symp


    Intense. Good luck 😃
  18. Hello Tektonites! As some of you may know, we use a launcher to keep all players up-to-date with our latest content! As a result, we want to make sure everyone is using the launcher, as using an older client can conflict with your Tekton experience! So if you are experiencing this message when you log in, or find something in the latest update isn't working for you, make sure that you have downloaded the launcher here: If you haven't downloaded the launcher yet, or just aren't sure, please do so at the link above. Thanks everyone! Tekton Management
  19. -Light-


    Hello! Im Light, ive just joined the game. Ill be playing on Extreme Mode! Looking forward to seeing you all ingame.
  20. Just a thought, but what about a loyalty reward shop? for every minute you are on and not AFK you accumulate 1 point. The shop wont contain anything super drastic, or game breaking probably just some cosmetics for those that enjoy fashionscape. The points required to buy things would obviously be relatively high.. just a thought 😉 -Veruc
  21. Hello everyone! A quick new Staff Update to you all, as we welcome the newest member of our team! There were also some other changes to the team as well. @Veruc has been promoted to Server Support @Praesul has left the Staff Team. Congratulations to Veruc!
  22. DFS currently keeps the same +25 defensive stats even when it is fully charged. The stats for a fully charged DFS are below, please help my DFS be not so potato. Stab: +70 Slash: +75 Crush: +72 Magic: +10 Range: +72
  23. Veruc

    buying me

    this needs to be closed 😉
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