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  1. BCP -20-30m Tassy -30-40m bandos boots -1-1.5m BGS -35-45m Armadyl helm -10-15m Armadyl chest -30 -40m Armadyl chainskirt -30-40m ACB -35m AGS 70-100m SGS 70-100m ZGS 30-40m Zammy spear 20m Staff of the Dead 25-30m toxic staff of the dead 50m-TBT Dragon full 30-50m Dragon chain 3m Dragon platelegs 2m Dragon boots 2.5m Black mask 5-10m Whip 10m Dark bow 1m SS 10-15m Abyssal Dagger 35m Abyssal bludgeon 100-120m DFS 35-40m Inf hat 5m Inf top 5m Inf bottoms 5m Inf gloves 1-5m Inf boot's 10-15m Ranger boot's 30-40m Prim boot's 50m+ Peg boot's 50-55m+ Eternal boot's 45m+ Fury 5-10m Amulet of Anguish 40-50m Amulet of Torture 50m+ Ring of suffering 50m+ Tormented bracelet 40m B ring 10m Archers ring 10m Seer's ring 10m Warriors ring 5m Ring of the god's 30m Tyrannical ring 20-30m Treasonous ring 20-30m Avernic defender 70m-TBT Spirit sheild's -TBT Partyhat's TBT H'ween's TBT Bunny ear's TBT Sled TBT Sperp helm 50m Trident 30m Tent 25m Blowpipe 50m Dragon claws 100m Dragon war hammer 50-60m Twisted bow 500m+ Dragon hunter crossbow 30m 3a Axe 200m+ 3a pick 200m+ 3a helm 50-60m 3a plate 100m+ 3a Platelegs 100m+ 3a kite 80m 3a mage hat 40m+ 3a mage top 120m+ 3a mage bottom 80m+ 3a Amulet 50m+ 3a Range Coif 35m 3a Range Top 80m 3a Range Legs 50m+ 3a vam 10m+ Guthan's part's 5m-10m each DH part's 5-10m each Torag part's 1m Verc part's 2.5m each Karil's coif 500k Karil's Cbow 1m Karils top 5m Karil's skirt 5m Ahrim's Hood 2.5m Ahrim's Top 10m+ Ahrim's Bottom 10m+ Ahrim's staff 500k bolt rack's 100gp each