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  1. Shuxas


    Welcome aboard man, pretty cool that rs helped in English like abuse said
  2. Shuxas


    Welcome man, and I'm sure once the release hits there will be waves of people coming in
  3. Welcome to the forums man!
  4. The more I see updates and pictures the more excited I get
  5. I'm sure I'll get a 99 in something first lol
  6. Shuxas


    Welcome to the forums man !
  7. What's some of yalls craziest rs experience
  8. So ready to play the server yall been workin on
  9. Sadly I have no friends for this , but I'll certainly try
  10. Will hopefully get top tier eventually
  11. Aiming for that onyx contributor
  12. How's everyone doing so far, do anything fun this summer yet ? I got a Florida trip planned on Tuesday, which will be my first vacation
  13. Lots of good improvements, keep up the good work !
  14. Hello everyone I'm shuxas, I hope to become an active member on the forum and the game on its release , and so far everything looks really good, and cant wait to see the further development!