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  1. Abuse


    Can’t wait to clean you unlucky, just kidding hopefully you’ll have some luck this time around
  2. Abuse


    nice introduction love how RuneScape helped you in life, looking forward to seeing you in game
  3. Rank 1 leaderboards Rank 1 pker First to max fuck completionest Hopefully run a monopoly on the eco but who knows 1000 KC of all gwd bosses
  4. Abuse

    Hey everyone

    you look really good ❤️ cant wait to see you in-game alone one on one just u and me bb
  5. Abuse


    Welcome bRotha ❤️
  6. Abuse


    welcome cant wait to see you in-game ❤️
  7. ill win this prob not but w.e
  8. cant wait to try and hunt down some of these items ❤️
  9. gz man cant wait to see you in-game so i can ask for money i mean help..
  10. Just waiting till july 5th so i can claim the wilderness
  11. Abuse

    Craziest rs experience

    When i got scammed 300m on xmas by a clan member lmfao good times Or when i called getting 6 zenytes in two tasks so 300 odd kills
  12. Hey guys its Abuse, or Kolby idm what you decide to call me by. just as long as you remember that i am the sole owner of the wilderness
  13. Black santa for 1500 rep please