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  1. Hello everyone! We wanted to introduce a rank that already existed, but the requirements for which have been altered. We want to encourage you all to enjoy your time here at Tekton, and we welcome you to document that time and share it with everyone else! As such, we wanted to offer the "YouTuber" rank for dedicated players and/or video makers who support Tekton. Those with this rank will have access to exclusive privileges, such as seeing new and upcoming content early as a way to add content to their videos, and may receive special items from staff as an incentive to do videos/have items to host giveaways and events for your videos. The requirements are as follows: Minimum 500 Subscribers (must link to your channel with sufficient proof that you are the owner) Have created at least two (2) Tekton Videos And its as easy as that! So thank you to those who have already created videos, and if you haven't already, get recording! 😉
  2. Tekton


    Welcome to the server man look forward to seeing ya around 😄
  3. Hello Tektonites! It's been a bit since out last update, but we appreciate your patience! We've made several improvements in this update and have worked away at a lot of the bugs that are on our list, more to come! Expect the new Donator Zone, Clue Scroll fixes, and some more bug fixes around the corner! Check out everything that rolled out with our update the other day: Fixed Granite Maul attack style experience Fixed some Toxic Blowpipe messages Fixed an issue where a players character would become stuck on the Seers Village Rooftap Agil. course Fixed an issue where Kreearra would not count toward an Aviansie slayer task Fixed an issue where players could not pass through a gate for a clue Fixed Seers Village door for a clue scroll Added Seers Village to Cities teleport Added global messages for voting & donating Added bracelet mould to Nurmofs shop Added Ancient Staff to magic shop for 500k gp Added the Tekton Icon to the client window Added Bracelet of Ethereum to Revenant drop tables Made it so Cave Kraken can now be attacked, and requires 87 slayer to access Made it so players can capitalize letters in ::yell Made Zulrah drop rates more reasonable Made it so the Dwarf Cannon box set can be opened Made it so Elf Warriors should now be able to hit Removed the second Pest Control shop that had cheaper Void Removed the door to the spinning wheel building in Seers Village Allow players to use magic/autocast while equipping a bow with no arrows You can no longer attack slayer monsters without the required Slayer level Improved dropping dark totem pieces Improved the display of playtime Tekton Management
  4. Hello Tektonites! As some of you may know, we use a launcher to keep all players up-to-date with our latest content! As a result, we want to make sure everyone is using the launcher, as using an older client can conflict with your Tekton experience! So if you are experiencing this message when you log in, or find something in the latest update isn't working for you, make sure that you have downloaded the launcher here: https://tekton-ps.com/play If you haven't downloaded the launcher yet, or just aren't sure, please do so at the link above. Thanks everyone! Tekton Management
  5. Hello everyone! A quick new Staff Update to you all, as we welcome the newest member of our team! There were also some other changes to the team as well. @Veruc has been promoted to Server Support @Praesul has left the Staff Team. Congratulations to Veruc!
  6. Hey everyone! Sorry there has been a bit of a delay in updates over the last few days, our team had somewhat of a busy weekend. However, we were still working! With that being said, this update is a little heftier than the last couple we have had. so make sure to give it a good look! The most important thing to note for this update is that the Bracelet of Ethereum has been added! This should make hunting revenant's a little more comfortable for you all (and there are some more cool revenant updates coming down the wire soon!) Take a look at what our Dev team grinded out this weekend! Let us know below what you think and/or if you encounter any issues!: Fixed Chaelder's Slayer Tasks not decrementing Fixed an issue where 2nd and 3rd Zulrah forms still dropped 1 scale Fixed an issue where the Extreme Donator cooking perk would give extra fish Fixed all of the Location clue scrolls (searching things) Fixed the prices of Damaged Books in Kolodions Mage Store Fixed an issue where the Elysian Spirit Shield did not do the GFX for its Passive Effect Fixed an issue with PvM tickets Fixed the discord uptime command output Fixed an issue with the spellbook message being sent on login Added Server announcements for Very Rare drops Added Ring of Wealth (i) to Donator Store Added a command that allows staff to Kick users' accounts via the Discord Server Added an announcement when Server Support's log in Added Bracelet of Ethereum to Revanant Drops Added Elder Chaos Druids at Zamorak Temple Made Achievement messages use title rather than name Made Gem Rocks less easily accessible to regular players - Will be on Donator Isle Made the look of drop labels more visually appealing Made General Graardor now drop Ourg Bones Made the Ankou Outfit untradeable Made Newly Made Crystal's worth 5kgp ea Made the Super Potion Set only give Super Potions (gave Super Combat Potions before) Made it so the Ring of Stone can now be worn Removed the Scythe and Grim Reaper hood from Donor Shop Removed the duplicate Fremmy Slayer dungeon tele - it can be accessed with the Relleka Slayer Dungeon tele Removed Vote Shop Team Capes from Clue Scroll Rewards Enabled killing Crave Krakens when not on task Zulrah Kill Timer can no longer be set by Owners or Developers Slightly increased the defender drop rate in Warrior's Guild Refactored vote checking to run significantly more smoothly Overhauled NPC combat Definition loading for a quicker update process Overhauled NPC Drop Table loading for a quicker update process Tweaked the drop announcement message Minor launcher improvements The servers version is now available via a discord command Improved the boss kill count message Improved the Barrows loot system Improved the Quest Tab XP Bonus descriptions Improved the Revanant Combat strategy Improved the drops system - Updated Corporeal Beast & GWD drop rates to reflect changes - The drop table viewer shows closer estimates to drop rates
  7. I've got a few that I hop onto every now and then. Mount and Blade: Warband Apex Legends (HMU if you play on PS4 😉) don't play as much anymore I rock some NHL 19 whenever I'm bored
  8. Hello Tektonites! Last night we pushed an update that made the ::vote command take you to our voting page! Voting is now active! Once you vote on all three pages, do ::check in game to receive your rewards. If you receive a "Stolen Jewellery Box", this means your client is out of date. You will have to close your client and reload it, or download the launcher HERE if you haven't already. Along with voting, some extra updates were also included in the update, so this one is a bit smaller as well! Enjoy: Added clicking Crystal Chest to open it Added basic Arrows and Runes to the Ironman Shop Added the Ecumenical Key, which offers access to any GWD Boss room with 0 KC Added the ::vote command Added the Ecumenical Key to the Vote Shop for 2 points each. Added a fix for Hard Clue Scrolls Fixed a problem with items dropped on the floor not being available in some very rare cases Made revenant ether drop between 1-40 each time Made slight alterations to Vote Shop prices Made using a Gold bar on a furnace open the jewellery making interface Most GWD NPCs, as well as revenants, have a chance to drop the Ecumenical Key Tekton Management
  9. Hello Tektonites! I'd like to welcome the newest member of the Tekton Staff Team! This player has shown a lot of dedication the server and been helping out a lot recently. @Praesul has been promoted to Server Support Congratulations to Praesul!
  10. Hello everyone! So, we ran into an issue with Raids and have unfortunately had to disable it for the time being. However we are working at the issue and trying to fix it ASAP! We also have some more bug fixes coming along with this update, but it is a small one! Have a look for yourself!: Disabled Raids for the time being until we fix the issues with it - Fixed the stairs in the main lobby so they take you back to the surface - Fixed the tinderbox and bronze axe in the room prior to the Ice Demon so you can pick them up Fixed the amount of scales Zulrah drops Fixed the Prayer Cape so it can now be worn Fixed an issue where Ankou tasks would not go down Fixed Jad not appearing at the end of Fight Caves - Waves start at the beginning for regular players, Wave 30 for Donators, and Wave 50 for Legendary Donators Fixed the Amulet of Glory so it can be operated Added commands for staff to tele players home when stuck Added Ball of Wool to the Ironman Shop Ironman modes can now trade with Nurmof Reduced Slayer Task amounts with Duradel Made Donator Store accessible to Ironman Modes Made it so player can enchant Dragonstone Ring and make Ring of Wealth
  11. Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying some of the new updates we've brought you! This update comes with a very important message. We have released a launcher which will seamlessly allow users to receive all the latest client updates without having to redownload the client each time! This launcher means both the Tekton cache and client will automatically update whenever they need to, leaving you more time to be maxing out and getting rich instead of spending ages re-downloading the client! However, it is very important that you go to https://tekton-ps.com/play to download the launcher and use this as your new primary client. With that being said, please have a look over out latest updates!: Well of Goodwill now gives 1.5x XP rather than halving it Fixed an issue where players could not attack Wilderness Encounters Fixed Skillcape Emotes Fixed Baby Blue Dragons so you can now attack them Fixed the Dragon Claws special attack Fixed Evergreens so they can now be cut down Fixed Cave Kraken entrance and exit Fixed Donator Scroll claiming when purchasing from store Fixed Mystic Lava Staff so it now provides earth and fire runes when equipped Fixed certain "Coal" objects from not being able to be mined Added stats to the Avernic Defender and made it able to be dismantled Added Thread & Needle to Ironman Shop Added Dagannoth Mother to drop table Added the use of the "Escape" key to close windows such as interfaces & dialogues Increased frequency of encounter events & slightly tweaked their locations More refactors and improvements to player saving Enabled Ironmen selling items to Sigmund Improved the Achievements titles and interface Improved the drops system Improved Donation Claiming message Removed the poll booth at Tzhaar area Reduced Fight Cave waves to start from level 360 Replaced Jossik's god books with full god books Newly made crystals now sell for 250gp each Chaos Druids now work for Slayer Tasks
  12. Hello Tektonites! We are right back at ya with another update. We're constantly working and tweaking and are always happy to hear your suggestions! Don't forget to let us know what you think in our Suggestions and Feedback sections! This update is a bit smaller, but far more centered on QoL more than anything, as well as some important changes for the Ironman mode. Thanks again everyone, Tekton Management Check it out for yourself!: Well of Goodwill now gives 1.5x XP rather than halving it Fixed wearing Ghostly and Banshee robes Fixed interface scroll length for quest tab & drop viewer Fixed prospector outfit bonuses - 1% per piece, 5% for full set Fixed the de-ironing method Fixed wearing decorative armour Added the Tanner to home inside the General Store Added Black D'Hide to range shop Added Nurmof's Shop to Mining Guild, available to all Game Modes Added Fremennik Slayer Dungeon to monster teleports for slayer tasks Added bank deposit box to Rune Essence mine Added 1/1000 chance to pickpocket Magic Secateurs from Master Farmer Added Skiller's Sanctuary to Skilling Teleports Added Master Fisher to Fishing Guild Improved Well of Goodwill global messages Improved NPC drop handling Improved Ironman Shop with various items Tweaked location of Master Farmer at Farming patches Tweaked the items and prices in Tanner shop Mithril dragons now only drop unnoted Mithril bars Restricted Iron modes from using crafting shop
  13. Tekton

    Veruc intro.

    Welcome to the server man! Glad to have you on board.
  14. Hello Tektonites! We hope everyone is enjoying their journey so far, and we wanted to bring to you yet another update thread. The biggest highlight of this update goes out to @Symp for fixing the DC issue that we were experiencing. We have also implemented Highscores (which will be available very soon) as well as many other fixes that you can see here!: Mystery Boxes now say the name of the reward you got, rather than just "prize" Fixed an issue where Skotizo would cause disconnects Fixed the version of Dragon Claws available to players Fixed an issue with Slayer Tasks not saving Fixed an issue with the newo player login message Fixed & Improved warriors guild Cyclops Room entry & exit Fixed jewelry making on furnaces Fixed an issue with pets appearing as Leprechauns Fixed the door in Mining Guild so you can now pass through it Fixed anvils to open Smithing interface Fixed random Burnt Egg drop from the Barbarian Assault Minigame Added Highscores Improved Highscore saving Slight reduction in the time it takes to logout due to improvements with saving Added health to Skotizo Altars Added City Teleports to Teleport Interface Added a function to calculate the total XP of a player for the highscores Added needle and thread to the general store Increased rate of defender drops inWarrior's Guild Removed global announcement for maxings skills for admins Made it so players can have more than one god cape Refactored cache file reader Refactored varbit/varp decoding Made a friendlier temporary Quick Prayers message Lessened frequency of Tekton Guide messages so he is less spammy Refactored our randomization code for NPC's Reworked ItemDefinitions so all items are now named Made ::donate and ::store commands take you to the online store Noted items should now function and behave properly More randomization refactoring and fixes Made the Ava's require 50 Range to equip