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  1. Keep the good work up and you will be surprised what pouring from the heart could attract!
  2. Good job taking care of your server and the effort certainly will be appreciated but there's something I realized during my playtime that short-bows and kite-shields shouldn't be equipped together since it were never been coded on good servers unless there is lack of coding, anyway looking forward to see it solved as the way it should and thanks for your time :)! Sincere regards - OC
  3. This is actually a good start, thanks for spending the time and energy over there and make sure to do more skilling guides or pking trips later with whomever can afford it. 🙂 Keep it up ¬OC
  4. Keep the grind and eventually you will make it cause you can!
  5. Moving with the flow hopefully taking me somewhere nice and otherwise mostly bored, thanks for asking and live your trip at the fullest.
  6. Wish you all the best with your mission and my advice to you is to never stop no matter what without looking back unless you went far enough to put the dots on words.
  7. Greetings fellow soldiers, I were invited by accident to this lovely environment so far by an old pal from different RSPS which sucks by the way and I am not really into Private servers that much I just come online due to escape from the shitty reality and make myself comfortable and satisfied to the fullest because without joy what life is? even though it's temporary but personally I think it's important to have some.. not planning to take lots of your time but my closure is that I am looking forward to meet and get to know with almost everyone of you and hopefully that leads us to unite and help the server grow as much as possible because it seem pretty wild and unique , lots of vibes are invested on this server I could notice.. uh god help me with this noticing issues because I barely can take my eyes of anything, so yeah I am more into leaving an impact everywhere I go and help make differences into peoples life because I think I can.. with energy and persistence anything could happen within us and our effort, so this server! Stay patience and have lots of faith because at some point this will launch as a sky rocket am tellin' ya... Let's gather around and be stronger together anytime you can make that time happen, thanks for listening and very excited to meet you all online! ~Light Builder,
  8. Outcast

    Game problem

    Good job for letting the staff knows, if anything else intervenes make sure to make a report so they can work on solving the issues.