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  1. thanks for this updated price guide.
  2. Event has been postponed until more players get on.
  3. This weekend we will be having a skilling event event for those of you that have stuck around with us. Time: Saturday 0900 (UTC+9) which depending on where you live (US) that'll be around 4PM on Friday or earlier or later (depending on your timezone) Rewards: TBD but we all know it'll be something useful 😉 the thread will be updated with the requirements on the day of the event, so keep an eye out in game Yell chat, and on forums 😉
  4. Welcome to Degenerates of Tekton Clan Areas: PVM Raids Skilling PVP Community Helpful CC Player Types: Normal Ironman Hardcore Ironman Ultimate Ironman RULES: 1 - No offensive language: Do not cause offense or disruption to others. 2 - No spamming: Do not disrupt the continuity of a conversation. 3 - No macroing: Do not use third-party software to automate your gameplay or text. 4 - No deception: Do not trick, lure or otherwise deceive players. 5 - No advertising of harmful, indecent, mature or competing addresses. 6 - No Pking other Clan Members. 7 - No Politics, Religion, Racism, or hate speech. These topics are known to cause arguments and drama. If you are asked to change topic to stop a disagreement or potential drama situation you must do so. 8 - Be respectful to all members in / out of the clan. Members must portray a positive reflection of the clan and themselves in the community. 9 - If an item is lent to you, you MUST give it back when asked for or action will be taken. 10 - No toxicity / flame / flame-bait (or anything that could be considered toxic by snowflakes) over in-game yell or in-game chat. Clan Requirements: - THERE ARE NONE AT THE MOMENT. Ranks: Ranks will be given out to those who prove their loyalty to the clan. Initial recruits will be placed on a probationary period that will last around a week. The first rank will be given to those who are active in the clan, and in game. After the first rank, ranks will be given based on activity. This includes, attending clan events, being active in the clan chat, assisting clan members or other players, etc. Higher Up ranks will be give to players who are voted in by other higher ups. Application: To apply, reply to this post with the following format: Account Name: Account Type: Time-zone: Playtime: (Please post or link a screenshot of in-game playtime) Game Stats: (Please post or link a screenshot of your stats) PVM Gear: (Please post or link a screenshot of your best in slot PVM gear) Are you in any other clans? (If so, which one?) Reason for joining: Recruited by: Current DoT Higher-ups: Founder: Veruc Owner: Veruc Overseer: General: Captain: Lieutenant: Clan Event Manager: Clan Recruiter:
  5. dragon hatchet doesn't have spec, which means i'd assume d harpoon does not either.
  6. unfortunately I don't get summers off lol.. but its not terrible yet.
  7. lol.. didn't last long 😕
  8. thanks walk for the advertisement 🙂 make sure to come back again soon for new updates!
  9. Veruc


    Welcome to the server 🙂
  10. Thanks for this everyone who worked on it 🙂
  11. Just a thought, but what about a loyalty reward shop? for every minute you are on and not AFK you accumulate 1 point. The shop wont contain anything super drastic, or game breaking probably just some cosmetics for those that enjoy fashionscape. The points required to buy things would obviously be relatively high.. just a thought 😉 -Veruc
  12. DFS currently keeps the same +25 defensive stats even when it is fully charged. The stats for a fully charged DFS are below, please help my DFS be not so potato. Stab: +70 Slash: +75 Crush: +72 Magic: +10 Range: +72
  13. Veruc

    buying me

    this needs to be closed 😉
  14. Veruc


    can anyone whose good at making graphics make me something with my name? (Veruc)
  15. what do y'all like to listen to while you play games? I like to listen to Bachata, and metal. lol (strange combo)
  16. I got my PS4 with me here in Korea, haven't played much apex so I'm not to good at it lol.
  17. My guilty pleasure is Overwatch, been playing since day 1 and i'm still obsessed over it.
  18. Life's a garden, Dig it.

    - Joe Dirt

  19. Veruc

    Craziest rs experience

    finally getting ranked top 1k in OSRS, such a crazy but great day. and now I dropped to 2k.. but I don't play anymore lol.
  20. i love you ant ❤️
  21. player can enchant d stone rings is on the list twice FYI 🙂