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Update Thread 08/01/2019 - Slayer improvements, some clue fixes, and more!

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Hello Tektonites! 

It's been a bit since out last update, but we appreciate your patience! We've made several improvements in this update and have worked away at a lot of the bugs that are on our list, more to come!

Expect the new Donator Zone, Clue Scroll fixes, and some more bug fixes around the corner!

Check out everything that rolled out with our update the other day:

Fixed Granite Maul attack style experience
Fixed some Toxic Blowpipe messages
Fixed an issue where a players character would become stuck on the Seers Village Rooftap Agil. course
Fixed an issue where Kreearra would not count toward an Aviansie slayer task
Fixed an issue where players could not pass through a gate for a clue
Fixed Seers Village door for a clue scroll
Added Seers Village to Cities teleport
Added global messages for voting & donating
Added bracelet mould to Nurmofs shop
Added Ancient Staff to magic shop for 500k gp
Added the Tekton Icon to the client window
Added Bracelet of Ethereum to Revenant drop tables 
Made it so Cave Kraken can now be attacked, and requires 87 slayer to access
Made it so players can capitalize letters in ::yell
Made Zulrah drop rates more reasonable
Made it so the Dwarf Cannon box set can be opened
Made it so Elf Warriors should now be able to hit
Removed the second Pest Control shop that had cheaper Void
Removed the door to the spinning wheel building in Seers Village
Allow players to use magic/autocast while equipping a bow with no arrows
You can no longer attack slayer monsters without the required Slayer level
Improved dropping dark totem pieces
Improved the display of playtime


Tekton Management



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