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Hello Tektonites! Phew, what a release, but we're here now! We wanted to thank you all for coming along on the ride, and for your patience as we overcome some of those bumps the come along with release. 

That being said, with the server released and the grind underway, we wanted to offer a few events for you all!




First and foremost, we will be offering store price discounts on various items! You can find the details about that at our store, here! We are also offer 1.5x OSRSGP donations!

Your support directly benefits the growth of the entire server, helping is to generate more hype and reach more players through advertisements, YouTube videos, and increased development!







We will be hosting a “First to Max (99 in all skills)” competition to give you a little extra incentive to push through that grind! Many of you have already started skilling and with our new XP rates, this will prove to be a fun and competitive event!

Once you have reached Level 99 in All Skills, take a screenshot and post it as a reply to this thread. The first to do so will be rewarded with $50 worth of Donator Points!





And last but not least, we will also be hosting a first to Max 200m (200m XP in all skills) competition!

This one is not for the faint of heart, and I look forward to watching you all push for that milestone! As with the First to Max Competition, the first to achieve 200m experience in ALL skills can post a screenshot of their achievement and reply to this thread with it in order to claim their prize!

The first to do so will be rewarded with their choice of:

1 Year of Discord Nitro OR $150 Store Credit


Thanks again everyone, and happy grinding!


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Wish you all the best with your mission and my advice to you is to never stop no matter what without looking back unless you went far enough to put the dots on words.

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